Curator’s Tour Earthlings II: Ligaments

We cordially invite you to a guided tour. The curator Lukáš Likavčan will guide you through the exhibition in National Library of Technology. While at the National Museum of Agriculture, the “Earthlings” exhibition mostly addresses non-human agents, the second part, at the National Library of Technology, offers two prominent ’human’ techniques of the representation of nature in global modernity: scientific representation and representation in information networks. The network also becomes a tool for the distribution of knowledge about catastrophes, and finally a problematic metaphor of collective existence. A question also arises that leads us to another principle of terrestrialness: can we also see connections beyond the borders of the networks we have established all over the world?


6 Oct 2021  6 pm


National Library of Technology
Technická 2710/6, Prague 6
Tue–Sun, 10 am–6 pm


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