significant other, unknown place
unknown other, significant place


Jeleni Gallery


Gabriela BK
Ranaji Deb
Dajana Düring
Gordon Endt
Jette Held
Saki Hoshino
Paul Kluth
Sarai Meyron
Hanna Samoson
Leevi Toija
Jakub Tulinger
Valentin Wedde
Zoe Zaucker


Stephanie Kiwitt
Anna Voswinckel
Tereza Rudolf


8/10/2020  7 pm


9/10–1/11 2020

The exhibition is based on a long-term collaboration between students. Based on a preparatory workshop for Fotograf Festival: Uneven Ground, international students at Prague’s FAMU and Braunschweig’s HBK started a discussion about the terms of otherness and the encounter. Inspired by conversations with artists in attendance and in exchanges about their own works, You the other I was first presented as a short-term show in the gallery Panel. During the course of a follow-up seminar at HBK, shaped by the experience of the Covid-19 pandemic, the discussion was reinforced by notions of self-perception and exchange in the public sphere. In the photographic, video and performance works presented here, questions of the encounter, transgression and ways of looking at the other free from an exoticizing gaze are being negotiated.

The Fotograf Festival is organised by the Fotograf 07 z.s., and held under the auspices of the Mayor of Prague, and with the support of the City Council of Prague (400 000 CZK), the Czech Ministry of Culture and State Fund of Culture.

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