double pose, reflecting self
reflecting pose, double self


Gallery Pštrossova 23


Birgit Jürgenssen
Sophie Thun
Sophie Thun (*1985, Frankfurt a. M., DE, raised in Warsaw, PL) works primarily with techniques of analog photography, its spaces, processes and conditions of production and exhibition. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow and at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Recent exhibitions include, amnong others: 2020 ‘Stolberggasse‘ at Secession, Vienna, ‘Extension‘ at c/o Berlin, 2019 ‘Interiors of Photography’, with Mladen Bizumic at Camera Austria, Graz, ‘Extended Double Release’ at Galerie 52, Universität der Künste Folkwang, Essen, ‘Les Rencontres d’Arles’, Arles. 2020 she finished working on the film This year’s girl with İpek Hamzaoğlu and Laura Nitsch.


Stephanie Kiwitt
Anna Voswinckel
Tereza Rudolf


7/10/2020  5 pm


8/10–29/10 2020

The drawing of a woman’s head in profile, the face clearly turned to the left. From the hair combed back over the neck emerges a second face, which is turned to the right. In 1987 Birgit Jürgenssen projected this drawing onto a wall and placed her arms on top of it. The two faces of the projected image and her two arms overlap. Sophie Thun exposed in 2015 photograms of her body onto life-sized self-portraits. In Double Release / autocunnilingus / letting go the profile of a kneeling silhouette sticking out its tongue is superimposed over a self-portrait of the photographer, who is standing and looking directly into the camera. Both figures activate a delayed shutter release and manifest or suggest control over the scene. The kneeling figure licks the belly of the Other.

Using their own bodies as an artistic medium, the two women of different generations explore their role as women and artists and images of themselves and the Other.

For this exhibition, Sophie Thun creates a site-specific work.

This exhibition is supported by VERBUND COLLECTION, Vienna.

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