The exhibition Images of the Ends of History freely refers to the 30th anniversary of the crucial autumn of 1989, presenting it in a broader time, political, and media perspective, from the beginning of “perestroika” to the establishment of a new “democratic” political and media environment. The exhibition is based on the theory that the fall of communism was not a sudden and isolated historical event, but it had its own more general and long-term causes and consequences and that it played its role in the transformation of visual media and their roles.The exhibition presents the period between 1985 and 1995 through photography and the related media (graphic design, fine art, video, cartoon and TV), and focuses on the interrelated political and media changes in the Czech society, portraying the so-called “anti-decade” as a coherent period from the beginning of the perestroika “melting” to the establishment of an aggressive neoliberal capitalism of postcommunist type.