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Fotograf Festival
Archeology of euphoria

In 2019, the Fotograf Festival, titled as “Archeology of euphoria” will present exhibitions, discussions and  accompanying educational program focused on transformation of society from totalitarian regime to capitalism. Like every year, the festival deals on the specifics of photography and reproducible images as such, presenting the work of both foreign and local authors.

Although the contemporary Central Europe is undoubtedly experiencing the most idyllic period of its modern existence, the growing political and social problems of the last years, which are often radically challenging the development of the last three decades, are taking us back again to the question of the anchorages and legitimacy of contemporary neoliberal society. An inconspicuous but essential part of today is a constant struggle for the image and logic of our past.

At the end of 1989 the whole „Eastern Bloc“ saw the fall of totalitarian regimes, which radically predestinated the development of further decades. However, the prevailing bipolar view of these political changes often simplifies the whole situation. With today‘s sufficient distance, it is possible to look at the problematics of political and social change not only with the prospect of a sudden breakthrough, but rather with notions of „melting“ or „transitioning“.

The issue of legitimacy and the foundations of our democratic past is, of course, related to the question of the credibility of photography, mass media and propaganda and their influence on the formation of social awareness and the ethos of the times. The very last decades of the twentieth century are a time that has completed and subsequently complicated the dominance of photography as a modern mass media. The disintegration of the hierarchical and regulated distribution of media and information, which was eroded by then through “new media” (video, xerox, computers), gradually available to the wider public, has greatly contributed to breaking the hegemony of central power.

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Festival Fotograf is organized by the Fotograf 07
Jungmannova 7
Praha 1, 110 00
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Markéta Kinterová

Sandra Svobodová
festival manager
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Pavel Vančát

Tereza Rudolf Hrušková
coordinator and festival dramaturge

Eva Hodek
marketing manager

Lenka Balounová
public relations
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Veronika Daňhelová
educational program ​
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Eliška Žáková
guest service

Ondřej Gerik
technical production

Marie Rozmánková
finance & office manager

Adéla Vosičková, Dita Havránková, Jan Kolský

Aleš Loziak

The Fotograf Festival is organized by the Fotograf 07 z.s., and with the support of the City Council of Prague, the Czech Ministry of Culture and State Fund of Culture.