Cloud Bushes: Collective eeefff’s participative action

We are kindly inviting you to join an action of mixing and transforming the platforms of the present. The group eeefff will perform CLOUD BUSHES: Fermenting the digital platforms, centered on complex timing, overlapping of computational layers, inhuman speediness and fragmented by the fictional imaginary and surrounding reality. A highway with Uber drivers, local platform workers, invisible risks and a burned Mercedes will become active participants. The action will take place under a highway near NH Prague City Hotel, Mozartova 1/261, metro and tram station Anděl, Prague 5.
Event, Public Art
Mozartova 1/261 metro and tram station Anděl Prague 5

Reading room

6/10–3/11 2017
Fotograf Gallery
Jungmannova 7, Praha 1

Truth Futurism

Jen Kratochvil
27/9–26/11 2017
Centre for Contemporary Art Futura
Holečkova 49 Praha 5

Cinema Rudolfinum I

guest: Jan Zálešák
lecture with the commented movie examples (English)
Galerie Rudolfinum
Alšovo nábřeží 12 Praha 1

Cinema Rudolfinum II

guest: Boris Ondreička​
Movie projection followed by performace by Boris Ondreička.
Galerie Rudolfinum
Alšovo nábřeží 12 Praha 1

Trevor Paglen, Denisa Kera, Václav Janoščík, Ondřej Vlček
Panel Discussion III

Discussion on these topics will be held by Trevor Paglen, an American artist and photographer, Ondřej Vlček, Avast CTO; Denisa Kera, a philosopher and designer; and Václav Jánoščík, a philosopher and theorist of art and society in the age of the Internet.
Avast Offices Pankrác
Enterprise Office Center, Pikrtova 1737/1A, 140 00 Prague 4