Festival Fotograf #7

The infinite presence of digital space has created a parallel new world that we are only starting to understand, and while all our fears are being successfully repressed by the adoration of the supposed progress, our minds and bodies are being reconstituted. Are we witnessing a collective online transmission of evolution, or of its inversion?

The contemporary art practice is going through a phase of obsession with the aforementioned phenomena and facing questions that lack unambiguous answers and which often end with a simple description of the problem. Fotograf Festival 2017 will create a framework for the understanding of these artistic tendencies in the media of photography and film, i.e. media that are becoming part of human organisms; sometimes expanding their options, sometimes limiting them.

Curator talk.


Festival Fotograf

Just like its partner projects – the Fotograf Gallery and Fotograf Magazine – the Fotograf Festival explores intersections in photography and contemporary art. Over the course of Autumn months, it presents solo as well as group exhibitions prepared in cooperation with various Prague galleries and institutions. The Festival covers a wide range of events that go beyond the medium of photography, including community projects, performances, discussions, walks, and get-togethers outside of the established exhibition spaces. The idea behind the festival is to open socially and artistically relevant topics to different questions and interpretations that arises thanks to diverse program.