Fotograf FestivalFF

Kaja Dobrowolska, Lena Dobrowolska, Dominika Gęsicka, Irenka Kalicka, Diana Lelonek&Marek Kucharski, Łukasz Kuś, Dawid Misiorny, Dominik Ritszel, Łukasz Rusznica, Mateusz Sadowski

The Increased Difficulty of Concentration

Curators: Jagna Lewandowska, Piotr Sikora

Nevan Contempo
Tue – Sat 1–7pm

The Increased Difficulty of Concentration is an exhibition which presents a broad overview of young Polish photography. The presentation brings together young photographers who only came into the picture recently, and zooms in on the concept of the “new documentary”. The artists have been selected from the ShowOFF Section finalists group – an annual competition at Krakow Photomonth. They are interested in the precarious notion of reality which currently undermines the very category of documentary. Rather than referring to reality, the exhibition will focus on subjective approaches, different perspectives, and formal challenges of the photographic medium.

The exhibition has two parts running simultaneously at the City Surfer office and Nevan Contempo galleries

organized by: Foundation for Visual Arts (Fundacja Sztuk Wizualnych)