In presenting this project by the trio of artists, Petr Dub, Marek Habr and Zdeněk Porcal, the Kvalitář Gallery asserts its identity as a venue which brings together contemporary art, architecture and design. The concept of the exhibition represents approaches of appropriation combined with an experimental take on the practical interpretation of Dub’s cycle, entitled Reframed. The central theme of the series is the “re-formating” of the medium of a traditional wall picture into something on the border between picture and object. The resultant work of art accentuates not only the current capacity of painting, but also the architectural framework of the gallery or installation space. In looking for the optimal relation between the perspective of three-dimensional objects and specific installation parametres nevertheless naturally complicates subsequent photodocumentation. Each individual work does not equal the resultant situation, and installation by definition cannot be a hermetic entity, while a photograph of the same reduces our vision to a particular interpretation of reality. The moment the photographer arrives on the scene cannot be seen in purely mechanical terms. With an awareness of this, the duo Dub and Porcal have worked jointly since 2011.

The original concept of looking for acute photo-interpretation through the lens of Porcal’s camera ultimately resulted in a reverse reading of Dub’s horizontal. This gave rise to a new, autonomous cycle, where Porcal uses his colleague’s wooden lath coated in canvas as a photographic tool, an aid to measuring both landscape and architecture. Kvalitář ultimately reconciles both approaches as they meet within the architectural design by Marek Habr.