The exhibition consists of fragmentary paintings that can be perceived as an imitation of murals which only partly survive in places that have been uncovered, rendered in the style of restoration research. The work portrays symbols with unknown meanings, impossible to place in time, as well as commonplace objects, fragments of scenes and texts. It is staged as the vestiges of the period décor of the vestibule of an underground station, or a derelict advertising space. The sense of incompleteness is augmented by imitation tags as well as real tags that should appear spontaneously over the course of the exhibition.

Prompted by the architecture of the vestibule and nearby structures, the exhibition speculates what the pictorial decoration (or at least a part of it) might have looked like – were it consistent with the style of the rest of the building. The project relates to the main theme of the Fotograf Festival – Seeing Is Believing – in terms of exploring illusion and imitation, leaving the viewer in doubt as to whether it is in fact reality or fiction.