Official Festival Opening and Launch of the Fotograf Magazine

7 pm | → Small Hall – Veletržní Palace


Performance by Jonáš Strouhal and Jonáš Rosůlek

6–9 pm | → Small Hall – Veletržní Palace

The live transmission from the astronomic telescope placed on the roof of the Veletržní Palace will be projected on the wall of the Small Hall. The movements of the telescope and its focus are controlled by the mental activity of the artist or the viewer. When the artist or viewer lose concentration, the telescope randomly scans the sky or the viscera of the city. In a state of extraordinary concentration, the telescope will focus on a concrete spot, where it will then linger. With the loss of concentration, the telescope is again set into motion. The projection is circular, in defiance of the right-angle tenets of the technical image, raising the issue of trust between the image thus produced and the viewer. We come full circle.


Performance by Richard Loskot: Time Keeps It All Together

7 pm | → Small Hall – Veletržní Palace

Richard Loskot will conceive of the Small Hall as an abstract “film” studio. The floor plan will be coated with a special photosensitive emulsion and it is at this point that the artist will invite the audience to enter into the play. The emulsion will then be exposed by means of several specially placed lights, capturing the traces of human presence. The situation of the space will be thus projected into two-dimensional surface. Forms usually disparate will merge into new shapes via their projected shadows. All that the event will leave behind is one giant photogram, the imprint of a moment in time – irrevocably gone. You can participate in the event or merely witness it – in order to see and to believe.


Afterparty at Café Jedna

8 pm | → Café Jedna – Veletržní Palace

 DJ Session: Aleš Stuchlý, radio Wave