Ball Room (first floor) – Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace 

Audiovisual spatial program on spiritual photography 

120 min, 2000 images, DJ Jakub Hošek

The performance is not suitable for viewers under the age of 12.


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Scotography, Thoughtography (or Ideography, or also Japanese Nengraphy, or Nensha, from the word “thing”), Projected Termography, Psychic Photography, Transcendental Photography, Ectoplasmic Records, Simulacrum, Cryptesthesia, Lucidity, Electroencephalography, Kirlian Photography, Pavlita Psychotronic Generators, Termography, Mammography, Spectrography, Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Tomography (popularly known as CT), Magnetic Resonance, Ultrasonography, Fibroscopy, Crystalography, Rayograms, and more.


The Manifestations of Spirit (mise-en-scène) by the Slovak artist, curator and writer Boris Ondreička (b. 1969) is a contemplation on the evolution of faith and belief in “reality” through revisiting Victorian spiritual photography. Ondreička contemplates substance, state of matter, and medium – as well as their mutations, transformations and deviations. Selected spiritual techniques, for instance ectoplasmic séances, are interpreted from the perspectives of aesthetics, psychology, or the cognitive sciences, psycho-linguistics, and also so-called psychotronics. He falls back on the comparative analysis of imaging media (the medium here denotes both photography and the person facilitating the materialization of “messages” from the “nether world”). Ondreička combines academic and poetic ingredients, fact and speculation. His reading is performed via a complex theatrical choreography of a highly dynamic nature – mise-en-scène (inspired by Francois Truffaut).