Photographing the invisible poses a tautological challenge. Throughout its entire history, photography has been so inseparably wedded to the representation of the visible that it is in fact a tempting rebellious challenge, although perhaps one which can never be fulfilled entirely. Still, even from its inception, photography has also served to reveal the seemingly invisible, helping as it did to expand the horizons of visible reality.

In order to capture invisibility, Anna Orłowska cites scientific methods, and conducts and archaeological investigations into military history, the natural sciences or Hollywood cinema and the art of illusionists, in order to reconstruct various methods of camouflage. She photographs much-repeated motifs with the expected central feature missing, as she strives to capture the edgily intense motif of emptiness, staging clusters of energy as well as black holes. In doing so, she becomes a kind of artful DJ, channeling the most disparate flows of information.