Light carries the record of all colours of the environment from which it refracts. Photography has the ability to translate this light into a language of its own. We often believe that we see something in a photograph that is not in fact there. Aňa Šebelková works with the opposite principle: that which we believe to be absent from the picture is actually present. She captures light directly in the surface of the filmstock without the use of a lens, which disables the camera from recording material reality. The camera’s response is thus “limited” to the recording of light, providing an illusion of colour contained in the ray of light. Place, objects and people are also captured in the image. The essence of their presence, however, does not lie in a concrete portrayal – instead, it is present in the colours which people and objects in the frame “emanate”. Projektplus features photographs of the colours of the Prague-Holešovice train station, as seen by the “retina” of the camera. Systematically, based on a certain ritual, they chart the prismatic colour spectrum, coming together in a new entity via the movement of revolving cylinders.